Immersive action-based learning

Own your progress through authentic experiences

What’s the bonus ?
Evolution takes you on-site with tailored programmes for your needs and fluency level

An immersive experience is motivating and rewarding, and an essential way to make fast progress and gain self-confidence outside of your comfort zone. It lasts from half a day to a week, either individually or in groups, and offers a highly interactive experience.

Beginning with some preparatory work prior to departure, our coaches work as motivating and supportive guides, training participants in the field in the target language. Participants are key players in their progress. They are invited to perform field missions that might include ordering lunch at a London Pub and interviewing our contacts or people in the street in the target language.

We create immersive programmes in partnership with our clients and the participants. They are tailored to your needs and to the length of time desired.

Here are some examples:

  • English in London
  • English in Paris
  • English or French in the South West of France
  • Executive Trips to Scotland
  • Immersion in other languages by demand