Founder and Co-Manager


Evolution will coach you to success in your global missions, allowing you to become confident on a cultural, linguistic and strategic level.

Our personalised guidance and training and our active listening will help you to enhance your performance in just the way you need.

Our unique approach gives you the floor to take on full responsibility for your progress and take on all the action. We will help you to access all the tools for your success, which are already inside you.

Here are the services that we can offer you.

Evolution is an accredited training company founded in 2002.

Our team of coaches and trainers

Our trainers at Evolution-American British Communications have wide-ranging corporate experience and are committed to providing the best possible service to the participants they train. Some have worked in management positions in fields ranging from Design to Distribution, while others have a background in journalism. They all have excellent awareness of the in-depth workings of a variety of industries.

Our team members, who are qualified to Masters level, have been working for over twenty years as trainers to professionals in language and communication. These dedicated trainers and coaches offer their talent and experience to serve clients at the highest levels of quality and effectiveness.