Language training

Tangible and measurable results for all

Our team of 10 coaches and language trainers allow you to make progress at your own pace, based on your specific needs.

We offer bespoke programmes:

Face to face sessions:

  • Individual
  • In duos
  • In groups of 3 or 4 participants

Online and telephone sessions:

  • Generally one-on-one
  • On the telephone
  • Via Skype
  • Via Go to Meeting (online)

Self-training program
We encourage participants to enhance their English training by

  • Subscribing to an English-language magazine or newspaper
  • Podcasting from an online radio station, such as EnglishWaves *, for English
  • Listening to / watching material in the target language daily
  • Attending every English session with a piece to present that they have produced in writing
  • Doing more conventional exercises, based on interests

* English Waves is an online radio station that mainly broadcasts on French news and social issues concerning France. It is “French radio that speaks English.” It allows learners to practice their English every day by dealing with general educational content and specific business programmes designed by the teaching staff of EnglishWaves.