Focused coaching

A fully tailor-made approach

What’s the bonus?
Evolution’s valuable linguistic and cultural input lets participants take the lead

Tailor-made linguistic and cultural coaching/training

Our tailor-made programmes can help to boost your teams’ confidence, enhancing the growth and wellbeing of your company.

We carefully craft the content and the style of the sessions with our clients: choose between face-to-face one-on-one or group sessions, online or telephone training.

You will have a unique experience in the language of your choice.

Fully bespoke guidance

We offer bespoke guidance for managers, executives and employees with specific job specifications (internal auditors, executive assistants). We can resolve any issues you may have with negotiating, chairing meetings and presenting in English.

We carry out a full audit of your needs prior to the delivery of our training programmes. This gives participants the opportunities the chance to discuss their needs, business issues and objectives for the training. It’s the starting point for designing any of the programmes we offer.

Participants train one-on-one with their language trainer or in duos, which can enhance interactivity and contribute to company team-building.

Participants are encouraged to take control of their actions at every session, to step out into discomfort, and experiment with new scenarios. As they manage to find solutions, their confidence grows. The supportive presence of the trainer allows participants to leave the session feeling empowered and more competent.

Trainers will invite participants to become aware of the vocabulary they use, encouraging them to learn expressions that will produce a greater impact during a presentation or a meeting. Non-verbal communication or body language will also be a major focus during the sessions.