Thematic workshops

Participate and gain confidence

What’s the bonus ?
• Evolution provides a space for participants to share experiences and thoughts while practicing a language
• Provides maximum participant interaction
• Made-to-measure according to client needs

A further approach we offer allows you to make progress through two kinds of workshops, designed in partnership with you and based on your needs:

Business workshops

  • Learn the art of writing engaging emails
  • How to use feedback as a communication tool

Cross-functional workshops

  • How to develop an optimal practice of Time
  • How to increase self-confidence
  • Get to transform conflict into win-win situations

You will have a valuable occasion to speak freely in a dedicated space and time, allowing you the opportunity to reflect on your inner experience. With one of our coaches as a supportive guide, you will be asked to put your creativity into action while you practice and perfect your skills in asking questions and listening.